In Space We Brawl features several power ups that are spawned by asteroids and player controlled ships upon destruction.

The Energy and Repair Modules are spawned only by regular asteroids, while all the others are found in the Golden Asteroid and in destroyed ships. The Golden Asteroid appears after a while in every match and spawns at least 5 power ups upon destruction. Player controlled ships has a chance of spawning a power up when destroyed, ecxept for the Auto Firing Drone that can't be found this way.

List of power ups Edit

Energy Module
Energy Module Instantly regenerates 40 units of Energy.
Repair Module
Repair Module Instantly regenerates 40 units of Life.
Speed Boost
Speed Boost Enhances movement speed for 10 seconds.
Invincible Shield
Invincible Shield Activates an invincible shield that lasts 10 seconds.
Firepower Boost
Firepower Boost Enhances your firepower for 10 seconds.
Fire Rate Boost
Fire-rate Boost Enhances your fire-rate for 10 seconds.
Auto Firing Drones
Auto Firing Drone Summons a firing drone that orbits around your ship. The drone has a certain amount of Life Points, and you can have an unlimited number of them.

Summons 3 alien ships that will fight and gather power-ups for you.

Total refill
Total Refill Instantly regenerates 80 units of both Energy and Life.